Career Opportunities

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Account Management

NCG, Inc. firmly believes that what builds strength for a Manager in our business is to promote from within. The Account Manager position in our company is the first step in our Management Development Program. This provides a solid foundation for our people to fine tune the skills they would need to find success managing a campaign. We provide one on one development in customer service, sales, marketing, and communications. We also provide our Account Managers with the opportunity to learn how to manage themselves, their time, and their customers. This allows them to be able to take on more responsibility and begin to advance.


NCG, Inc. provides a development program for our people to move up into Management. Because we only promote from within, our first priority is to provide a solid foundation for our team members to gain confidence in their leadership, public speaking, sales, and marketing abilities. When we promote someone into Management, they have numerous opportunities for continued growth within our company. Our Managers have the opportunity to manage an additional market and a campaign for one of our clients!

Summer Internships

NCG, Inc. understands the difficulties of beginning a career without the necessary experience. We offer summer internships for college students and graduate students that are looking to gain experience in the business field. NCG, Inc. promotes a positive and productive work culture that provides our people with real world work experience and the opportunity to advance into management within our company.


To Apply:

Send an email to and attach your resume!

We train in:

  • -Public Relations
  • -Brand Building
  • -Marketing & Sales
  • -Business Finances
  • -Campaign Management
  • -Public Speaking
  • -Human Resources
  • -Administration
  • -Client Relations


1. Our Environment!

NCG, Inc. provides an upbeat, fast paced, and fun work environment. We feel as though our people are able to be more productive, have a higher performance, and achieve greater success within our company because we focus our days around enjoying work and positive reinforcement.

2. Predictable Career Path

Whether you are fresh out of school, looking for a change in your career, or simply need to gain some experience, NCG, Inc. has an opportunity for the right candidate to develop within our company. Our Management Development Program offers our people hands on training and development provided by the company. This practice provides employees the opportunity to gain experience in the business field and transition their careers into Management! We are able to ensure the success of our Managers because we make sure they receive all of the know-how they need to be successful in running a profitable campaign, maximizing target markets, and motivating a team of professionals!

3. Performance Based Advancement

We have all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” In some instances this may be true, but not within our company. We believe that career advancement and promotions should be based on an individual’s dedication to achieving results and not on seniority or favoritism. This principle ensures that our company will continue to promote successful managers and secure our future success.